Booster Board Minutes August 2015 Meeting

Alexandria Band Boosters

Monday August 31, 2015

Arrowwood Boardroom

Members present: Beth H, Trevor P, Amy R, Deena S, Chad G, Chris W, Beth P
Members absent: Chad F, Lynn B, Jeff T
Guests: Paul Luedeke
Directors: Todd B, Matt W


Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm.

Todd and Matt are at Activities meeting, and before they arrived, volunteer discussion took place.
Some concerns brought up were how to increase volunteer numbers to help take the burden off the board members.
Discussion highlights:

  • Require parent involvement or have them pay money if they can’t volunteer.
  • Be more aggressive in gathering volunteers, such as sign-ups at concerts.
  • Utilize Facebook and the website more.
  • Open up meetings to parents.
  • Appear at concerts to explain what the board actually does, not just for marching band.
  • Update the website calendar.

Secretary’s Report

—Motion made and seconded to accept the minutes by Chris W and Chad G. Motion passed.

Treasurers’ Report
May, June and July financials were prepared.
4 students split $250 in scholarships for the summer program.
$4475 received in parade awards and appearance fees.
Trip payments…
1 adult not paid and 2 students have balances of less than $350.
New uniforms had been mentioned and discussion about splitting fundraising monies in order to help raise funds for this, which could amount to $60,000. The general fund has a balance of $54,000.
Director budget doubled due to paying Jeremy for winter drumline. (First year activity stipend comes from Booster budget.)
—Motion made and seconded to organize a budget committee meeting to go over the budget for the year and for the summer by Barb P and Trevor P. Motion passed. Committee members will include Beth, Chad G, Bridget, Chad F and the directors. They will bring the budget to the November meeting.
Motion made and seconded to accept the treasurers’ report by Chris W and Trevor P. Motion passed.
Henry’s Foods
Participation was low last year. Discussion about cancelling or rescheduling the sale.
–Motion made and seconded to have Henry’s Food Sale in the spring by Chris W and Barb P. Motion passed.
Schwan’s—should we do this again?
Issue tabled.
Herberger’s Community Days
Amy will continue to work with this but would like some assistance. The fall sale is November 13 and 14 and booklets are available now.
Grocery Bagging
Should be done in one store. Two stores was too confusing and there were too many no-shows. Elden’s seemed to rigid.
Beth and Barb will work with this and try to schedule at Cub the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving, November 23 and 24, 3:30/4pm until approximately 8pm.
–Motion made and seconded by Chris W and Bridget J to schedule bagging at Cub before Thanksgiving. Motion passed.
Went well last time. Chris will work with Jeff to organize. Price was an issue. Look at February dates.
Raffle—Trevor mentioned that Juettner has done this in the past to give away a car.
Amazon—Matt will look into this. The group has a special link for users to shop from and send funds directly to the boosters. Matt will set up with Tax ID. Funds are sent directly to the bank account.
Tastefully Simple
The previous consultant that worked with us no longer is selling. Perhaps we can look into working directly with the company.
MVP cards
Kim Nelson would continue to work with this as long as she is able.
Talent Show
Matt was very interested in doing this. Time could be in the spring after music contests, etc.
Summer Program/Directors’ Report

Student/Parent Surveys
Impressions and feedback highlights

  • More practice
  • Longer season
  • More instruction for the younger kids.
  • More bonding time as a group.

Discussion regarding getting section leaders more involved in teaching marching (“Rookie Camp”) and sections organizing a fellowship time after rehearsal.
Colorguard uniforms purchased even though the company had some issues.
New staff, good group of kids and younger students made for a great season.
Bus upgrade price came in at $1564. There was no charge for the airport trips.
Summer 2016 program has a late start due to graduation. Looking into time in April or May for an off-site camp. Off-site would work best to focus and to get them “away” from work and other distractions.
Looking into new uniforms, possibly in 2-3 years. Mankato, Sauk Rapids pricing came in at $500/uniform (including garment bags and shoes). Current uniforms, purchased in 2006 were $360/uniform for 185 uniforms. Number is needed for sizing.
In 2005, marching band received $3500 in donations and $20K from the school for uniforms.
Also looking into reselling uniforms to bands nationwide.
Drumline will perform at Tastefully Simple on September 15.
Winter Drumline—working on the expectations and schedules for the group. Auditions will be in mid-October. Jeremy’s stipend paid by the school this year.
Next trip in 2017—unknown at this time but looking into options.
Harvest Ball is on November 13 at Woodland Elementary. Angie Anderson and Chris Wieberdink will coordinate.
Spencer Brand, band alum, is coordinating a brass symposium with on November 23 with brass instrumentalists from the U of MN. There will be a master class with brass students and a concert that night. This has been worked through grants and a free will donation will be collected that night. Spencer also gave a contribution to the Concert Fund from a recital he and others did this summer.
Dry cleaning bill from Rainbow Cleaners for $357.20. All uniforms are clean and Chris W will work on taking them out of the plastic bags and getting them ready for winter storage. She will also need someone to help with uniforms for next summer season.
New/potential members—Tabled until next month.

2015-16 Meeting Dates

September 14
October 5
Budget meeting October 22
November 3
November 30
January 4
February 1
February 29
April 4
May 2
June 6
Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm
Respectfully submitted,
Deena Safarik


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