Booster Board Minutes September 14 2015

Alexandria Band Boosters
September 14, 2015
AAHS Band Room


Members present: Trevor P, Amy R, Chad F, Deena S, Chad G, Bridget J, Beth H, Barb P
Members absent: Jeff T, Lynn B, Chris W
Directors: Todd B, Matt W
Guests: Ann Kvisto
Meeting called to order by president Beth Hartokolis at 7:06 pm.
Secretary’s Report

Motion made and seconded to accept report by Bridget J and Chad F. Motion passed.
Treasurers’ Report

Herberger’s comparison:
Fall 2014—$2560–$402 bonus
Spring 2015–$1575–$806 bonus

Budget meeting–October 22.  Main focus is setting fundraising goals and financial goals to keep the program active.

Herberger’s–Amy has booklets to distribute.
Check into corporate sponsorship for new uniforms. Todd has a meeting on Sept. 22 where uniforms could be discussed.
Henry’s Foods–spring
Cub bagging–spring
Tastefully Simple–tabled
Summer Program

Band camp–looking at beginning of May–checked into SCSU and U of M Morris. Concordia Moorhead is another possibility.
Summer music–will be meeting soon to get music to students earlier
Trip 2017–destination decision
Todd received a request from the band director in Irondale to rent 2 sousaphones for their field show. Discussion. Motion made and seconded by Amy R and Trevor P to NOT rent out these instruments. Motion passed.
The trailer is now stored on campus in the tennis shed. There is no charge for this.
Harvest Ball was moved to November 20th. Since custodians are scheduled until 11 pm that night, there should be no custodian charge to the group for use of the space.
6 to 8 walkie talkies are needed. The current ones no longer function appropriately. Approximate cost should be around $100. Headsets are also a suggestion to allow for better communication. Matt will research and check with other bands for recommendations.
Future board members

Beth H term will end in December.
Suggestions for new members: Gina Christopherson, Shari Ellis, Ron Frick, Keith/Jenn Martinson, Mr. Hamm, Jenni Rinnicker, Paul/Geri Luedeke.

Need volunteer sign ups for concerts at AAHS on 11/9 and DMS on 11/23.
Chris W should create a volunteer need sheet for these.
Next meeting October 5 and budget meeting October 22.
Motion made and seconded to adjourn by Trevor P and Chad G. Meeting adjourned at 7:53 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Deena Safarik

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