MVP Cards 2016

Most Valuable Purchase (MVP card) Alexandria Marching Band Fundraiser 2016


The boosters are fronting 500 MVP (mega) cards at $13.00 per card. These cards provide the buyer with significant discounts to local merchants (a list of merchants below) and access to over 365,000 local & national merchants
(linked to the attached code on their card).

Students wishing to sell the mega cards will charge the customer $25.00 for each card $12.00 from each card will be credited to their band account.

Initially, each student participating in the program will be provided five cards to sell. Each card is numbered, and will be signed out to the student. Students are ultimately responsible for these cards.

Additional requests for more cards will be welcome. We will continue to sell cards until they are completely gone.

Please turn in customer payment envelopes as soon as you have completed selling the 5 cards or remaining unsold cards to your Band Teacher: by Friday, March 23rd, 2016 for the 1 date. (PLEASE CALL/TEXT ME IF ANY QUESTIONS or request for more cards)

A Band student may sell as many as they want if available. In the past, some students have raised up to $300.00 for that year.

Checks should be written out to ALEXANDRIA BAND BOOSTERS!

LOCAL MERCHANTS PARTICIPATING INCLUDE: Arrowwood-Lake Café, Brass Lantern, Bug-A-Boo, Casey’s General Store, Culvers, D Michael B’s, Depot Express, Domino’s Pizza, Dunham’s, Forada Supper Club, Godfather’s Pizza, Hardee’s, Jan’s Place, McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Papa Murphy’s, Perkins, Pike & Pint, Pizza Ranch, Pretzelmaker, Qdoba, Raaper’s Eatery & Ale, Taco John’s, Tennessee Roadhouse, Tesoro, Traveler’s Inn, Wendy’s,


Please try to sell at least 5 cards by the first due date 03-23-16. You will be surprised once the word gets out that they are HERE you will sell more. If you run out of cards, write down phone #’s of those that want to purchase. Call me to get more cards, then you will deliver & collect the money. I will give new due dates as we sell.


Students should start thinking of people to sell to.

Students need to sell their cause: Introduce themselves by their first name, what & why you are selling, tell them you are raising money for trips. We are offering the customer this MVP card of discounts from merchants around the Alexandria area. Explain the card how to use it-What a great value to anyone.

Instead of purchasing the card, they may choose to donate, any donations will be deposited in full to your band account. Most of all, thank the customer for their support and for their time listening.

FURTHER QUESTIONS Contact: Kim Nelson hm# 320-759-1622 cell/text 612-716-5235


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